Dogs Who Love to Swim

#1 Wet Dogs

His book of underwater dog photos, aptly titled “Underwater Dogs,” was the best-selling photography book in 2012. As of this writing, he’s photographed over 250 submerged canines. Here’s a pup who’s looking happy to have a portrait taken.

Dog Underwater 3

#4 Extreme Diving

This pup just has to have that ball! It must have dived with plenty of speed to stir up all those bubbles. That is one enthusiastic pooch!

dogs underwater

#5 Ultimate Fetch

Seth volunteered to take photos of homeless animals in 2007, helping to find many of them new homes. They may not have been underwater, but it still worked. The number of dogs that were adopted from that shelter increased substantially just after the photo shoots.

dog underwater 5

#6 Glug-Glug

Seth spends much of his time these days photographing pets. He accepts commissions and shows his work in galleries all over the world. Sounds like pretty scary work: the pooch in this pic looks like he’s coming to get us!

pug underwater

#7 Mine!

This fierce-looking battle is really just playful good times. We hope! But what happens if they both get it? Well, we’re rooting for the one on the left!

dogs fighting underwater

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