This Cat Lost Her Kittens and then She is offered Motherhood again

Mikey is a cat who recently lost her premature kittens. Those cute little kittens started dying one by one. Every time a baby dies, mikey fell into more depression. Hilary is the owner of mikey and she couldn’t bear the pain of seeing mikey into this depression. She call a rescue agency name Dori’s Darlings to see if there are any kittens to adopt for Mikey.

Few day after the death of Mikey’s kittens , she was offered three newborn kittens from Dori’s Darlings. They wanted to have these kitten a new and permanent home. When hilary called the agency they put her in touch with Amanada and she brought over the kittens to Mikey.

Those kittens became friends with Mikey within seconds, Mikey took them with lots of love

cat love

After Playing for few minuted, Mikey Offered to nurse them

cat love 2

After seeing these, Amanda felt that these kittens found a permanent home

kitten image

Mikey looked so happy to be a mom

kitten with mom

They Looked so happy to be with each other

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Written by afsar

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