10 Best Chandler One-Liners of All Time

10 Best Chandler One-Liners of All Time

# Sharp Tongue

Wasn’t Matthew Perry the best as the sardonic character in the popular TV series ‘Friends’? Did you know Perry is known for his REAL quick wit and sharp tongue, and he was the only cast member involved in the show’s screenwriting process?

Friends Meme 1

#2 Sleep Philosophising

Friends Gif

#3 The Subway Experience

Friends TV-show Gif 2

#4 Joey & Chandler I

Friends Meme 2

#5 Joey & Chandler II

There are a few times during ‘Friends’, when Joey won hands-down in their “friendship”. . Like when making manly entrances.

Friends Gif 3

#6 Puns Only For Chandler!

Chandler Gif

#7 ‘Nerves’ Make Him Funnier

Chandler One Liners

#8 Long-Time Roommates

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