Every Spring this Park in Austria Disappears Under Water

Sounds creepy? No, it’s not creepy. Indeed it it really a beautiful place to visit. Unlike other parks you need to wear swim suites to roam this park. It’s really beautiful out there.

This Underwater Park is situated in Tragöss, Austria. It is named as Green lake. Most of the times of year it is a normal park. But in the time of spring it becomes a swimming pool naturally. The depth of the lake becomes 30 feets. Many divers gather around here to have a beautiful diving experiences. Because of melting snow which substantially increases the lake level in Spring makes this normal park into an underwater park in summer. I am planning to visit this park soon.


If you are a diver then you need to visit this place. This park becomes an underwater park on summer in Austria.

Underwater park


It’s a magical world for us. You can see that the waters are crystal clear which makes it really awesome.
Underwater park austria

March Henauer is the photographer of most of the pictures who said the he felt magical in this underwater park. This place catches attraction from many tourists over the world.

Park goes underwater at Austria
Photograph by Marc Henauer

 There are many fishes in this park also. So many things to explore here I guess.

fish in underwater park


There is a bridge on this park that you can cross. Well it is not over the water but under the water.

Crossing a bridge in the underwater park in austria


If you want to pass some of your times lonely than this bench can beat anything to be the right spot to be lonely. This is an incredible place to visit.

Bench under the underwater park

This underwater park in Austria lasts for only 3-4 weeks.

Sun ray in underwater park

Video :

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