15 Worst Selfies Ever

Taking selfies might be fun for you ,but in some cases they are not. There were times when used to take selfies occasionally but now a days it has become viral to take selfies at any time. Some people are so stupid that they don’t know when to take selfies and when not to. Out today’s thread is to show some crazy and stupid people who took the worst selfies ever. Most of them are stupid and some are hilariously funny selfies. Enjoy these stupid and worst selfies of all time and don’t forget to share with your friends !!!


1. Not the right time and place to take selfies

Worst selfie ever


2. I hate these pricks!!!

funeral selfies


3. You should go back to do  your job

Stupid selfies


4. Hey Doctor, can I take a selfie !!!

worst selfie ever


5. You are the worst grand daughter ever.

worst selfies ever


6. You failed as a parent

Parenting fail


7. I hope she is just a visitor but not the doctor.

Worst selfie ever


8. WTF is wrong with this generation !!!

WTF selfie?


9. First save yourself then take  a selfie!!!

funny selfie


10. You should be helping him instead of making fun

worst selfies of 2014


11. Boner selfie?

Boner selfie


12. You should not take selfies of crying!!!

funny selfies of all time


13. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention at the roads!!

Kick in the face

14.  Hello, Officer . Smile !!!!

Selfies in wrong time


15. I feel pity for the person she is visiting

worst selfies ever

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