10 Cool Tattoos You Have To Love

#1 Old Goat

The only hope for him is a hair transplant.

funny tattoes

#2 3D Tattoo

Yep, it’s a real tattoo, and kind of cool, but would you want that on your head for life?

#3 Ice Ice Baby

This tattoo has already grown on him … it’s taken over his whole body.

#4 Roar?

Ummm the tiger looks like he’s wearing feetie pajamas.

#5 Tattoo Sneakers

Really? As cool as it is, it’s strange.

#6 Tramp Stamp

It looks like a bow.

#7 Hot Diggity Dog

Why? Just why?

#8 Two Faced

Well at least he can grow his hair over it.

#8 Camel Toe

That’s clever bro

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