How Would Superheroes Look in Their Old Age?

Imagine that one day all the superheroes will become old. Ever imagined how they will look like in their old age? Almost all of use have their own favorite superheroes.

An american street artist named Alex Solis have portrayed some famous superhero images like the captain american, hulk, iron man and others. You may have a look at how they might look in their late life.

Wonder Woman still fighting !!!

Thor still lifts his hammer !!!


Superman still flying


Spiderman struggles !!!

Megaman !!!


Joker !!!

Ironman !!!

Hulk smashes !!!

hulk at old age

He-man and skeletor !!!


Dart Vader still got it !!!

Captain America !!!

Black widow with wrinkled face

Batman with fluffy belly !!!

Ash & pikachu !!!

Written by afsar

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