Saint martin, chera dip – island of Bangladesh

Saint martin is an island situated in Bangladesh. It is a small island situated in the north Bengal. Its a coral island.

This small coral island is about 10 KM that means about 6 mile. Southwest part of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical niche cliché, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. This place is so calm and quite that you will lose yourself in the peace of this beautiful island.

Tourist usually walk around the city because it is a very small island with lots o beauty full places and besides this island is about 8 sq km (3 sq mi), shrinking to about 5 sq km (2 sq mi) during high tide.

Most of the people here are fisherman. There are about 7 thousand people leaves here. Between October and December people from outside the island comes here for fishing also. Harvesting or farming is not so common in this island. Some people do restaurant business also.

Main beauty of this island is coral reef and coconut trees. So many coconut trees here make it a coconut island as stated y the inhabitants. Coconuts Bengali translation is Narikel and the local name of the island is Narike jinjira.

Although this island is nice to visit but there are accommodation problems in this island. So if you are planning to visit this place you need to book a accommodation place before you go. Motel Nijhum is one of the best hotels in St. Martins Island. To book in Motel Nijhum, confirm you reservation from Dhaka. You will hardly get a chance to stay in this hotel if you are a sudden visitor of St. Martins Island. The other good hotels are Prashad Paradise & Sraboni Bilash and Sundor ghor.

You can book the hotel from Dhaka. Most interesting part is that these hotels are adjacent to the shore so that you can feel the beauty from your veranda or through your window.

You can find some local restaurants here , although the price are quite high but if you want you can spend a little less with cheap meal but thats up to you. You can purchase ornaments made by the locals also.

Overnight staying in St. Martins Island is really an exotic feeling where you will feel and listen the sound of Sea. If you are lucky enough then you can spend the exotic moonlit night at St. Martins Island. The beauty of Full moon in St. Martins Island cannot be expressed, if you are not there at that time.

Chera dip:

Although chera dip is a part of saint martin island but it is divided by a tide. It is also a very nice place to visit. Local small launch called as troller can be the vehicle to visit this place. You can walk also if you want but it will take about two hour to three hour to arrive there. Most people takes troller as they want to walk for too long. In that Island you will find the Corals – living and dead all over the Island. As this is a very small place and people don’t leave there, it is better for the tourists to visit there early in the day and come back to saint martin during the day for their safety.


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