13 Beautiful Heritage Site

There are many beautiful heritage sites in our beloved earth. They resemble our ancestors and their living style. We should try to travel a lot because traveling cost you money but it makes you richer also ūüôā

#1 Acropolis : Greece  

#2 Angkor : Cambodia

 #3 Bagam : Myanmar 

 #4 Rock Sites of Cappodocia, Turkey

 #5 Hampi : India

 #6 : Macchu Picchu : Peru

#7  Mont-Saint-Michel, France

 #8 Petra , Jordan

 #9 Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

 #10 : Rapa Nuie : Chile

#11 Stone Hedge : United Kingdom  

 #12 Tulum Mexico

#13 Sigiriya SriLanka

Sigiriya SriLanka
Sigiriya SriLanka

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