7 Abandoned Places Which are Reclaimed by the Animals


These 7 Abandoned places are taken over by various types of animals. Watch these 7 abandoned places and share it with your friends.


1. Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

Seems like these cute animals are taking the charge in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant which is located in Ukraine.




2. Abandoned homes in rural Finland.

These abandoned homes in rural Finland is taken over by these animals. They are happily living there now.

3. Old poison gas factory in Japan: 

Looks like this island in Japan is taken by these fluffy bad ass rabbits.

4. Kolmanskop, Namibia

 Kolmanskop was a small village which became popular with the diamond mining town. Right after the diamond mines were finished the town was abandoned by it’s inhabitants. Right after that many animals specially horse took the place.

5. Dungeness Ruins, Georgia

After destryoing by the fire the owner Carnegie family left this mansion. From that time it is still abandoned and occupied by the animals.

6. Sunken Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Florida

It is a naval transport ship which was abandoned in the 2009 became an abandoned ship. After sinking it has became the world’s second largest artificial reef.

7. Abandoned Shopping Mall, Bangkok

A shopping mall in Bangkok is abandoned since 1999. It was not possible to repair again after the fire. It is now a pond of ki and catfishes.

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