15 reasons why cats are the worst

#1 They’ll Scratch Your Eyes Out

It’s hard to tell when a kitten’s playing around or actually bent on attacking you but either or explains the massive amount of cat scar photos on Tumblr. Seriously. Go look it up. Some of them are just horrifying.

#2 They’re Always Plotting To Kill You

Sure, they seem innocent on the outside, but moments like these make you wonder if they’re playing mind games or actually plotting something sinister. In this case, nothing’s scarier than a cat with shears.

#3 They’re Just Flat Out Dangerous

You may be super excited about your new workout regime which you can do at home, but they’re not. They see it as a reason that they should start exercising and we all know that’s one thing all cats despise!

#4 They Hate Puzzles

In fact, they find them childish. To them, you should spend more time cuddling or feeding them than putting together small pieces of cardboard. To think of it, they may just have a point here…

#5 They’re Against Sleeping In

Cats don’t have schedules as they can pretty much sleep any time of the day, but they’re early risers. And we mean early. They’ll sleep on your head, pounce on you and do almost anything to get you up at the crack of dawn.

#6 Plants Are Their Sworn Enemies

Outdoor cats can sometimes be found chewing grass but it’s only because they intend to destroy it. They hate anything that’s green and demands more attention than them because from their perspective, they should be the only apple of your eye.

#7 They’ll Destroy Your Electronics

To be firm: cats will destroy anything that has a wire attached to it. Trying to plug in your iPhone? Good luck finding the charger. Trying to set up karaoke for the night? The actual microphone is probably laying in the litter box by now.

#8 And They’ll Sit On Your Computer

We’d imagine that sitting or laying across a laptop would be extremely uncomfortable but don’t tell them that. They’re attracted to making your life miserable, even it means indulging in an up close and personal view of your Facebook profile.

#9 They’re Secretly Alcoholics

Every dog has their day but every cat has their cold one. One of the main reasons they sleep all day is because they dig into your stash of alcohol when you’re away. To them it’s a temporary replacement for catnip.

#10 They Hate Bath Time

Most of us enjoy baths but cats despise them. It makes them feel “naked” in a sense and if you’re ever looking for a way to start your own “Grumpy Cat” Tumblr, just take photos of your own fur ball getting drowned in bubbles.

#11 Toilet Paper Is Their Nemesis

Look at this guy. He’s totally fine with lounging in the bathroom sink because he’s under a new fluffy bed of torn up toilet paper. If you opt for cashmere instead of the basics, you may want to rethink that decision because it could be more costly than you think.

#12 They’ll Pee On Your Underwear

They have a nose for edible underwear (“It’s edible, isn’t it?”) and clothing that’s easy to tear apart, and that can often get them into trouble. If you ever hear something going through your undergarments drawer and having too much fun, you can bet it’s your cat.

#13 Their Heads Always Get Stuck In Things

Cats are fighters that were born to lose. They’re agile, quick and have a great sense of balance, but they’re also greedy (remember Garfield?) and that simple flaw can make getting their head out of a glass of milk a terrifying experience.

#14 They Hate Clean Clothes

Think about it. They hate laundry as much as they hate baths and one of their worst enemies is a spray bottle. If they had the chance, cats would likely destroy the cords to your washer and dryer just so you couldn’t use that new Tide detergent.

#15 They’ll Scare You For No Reason

Anyone can come up with a 101 reasons as to why cats are the worst, but the fact they take pride in scaring you is the most popular answer. They will stalk you from great heights in your home and they turn innocent photographs into images that will haunt you forever.


Written by afsar

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