Friendzone Codes

#1 Nope, not what you may think bro. . . your romantic ambitions will be crushed.

single girl logic



#2 She keeps asking the universe and her friendzone is full of these guys.
single girl logic 2



#3 Wakeup. . . this is a test, did you pass?

eye test



#4 Not all girls play games, but when she does, she wins.

girls logic meme



#5 What she’s obsessing about is a a never-ending cycle of it: douchebags. It’s called the Law Of Attraction.

girls logic



#6 Apparently she’s not only picky, she’s complicated and wants a guy who’s the silent type and a challenge. . . How does she meet him? She doesn’t..

girl meme



#7 It happens every time she dresses like this. She dresses like this a lot. Were you her date?
friendzone codes

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