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Cute Kids Acting Like Animals

#1 Natural-Born Leader

We’re not sure if she was copying the dogs or if they started copying her.

Cute Kids Acting Like Animals

#2 Starfish Friends

This is precious because both the baby and the cat seem to think they’re starfish today

Starfish Friends

#3 Napping Away on Hay

He’s smart to try this while he’s still small enough and cute because, speaking from personal experience, as an adult people stop thinking this is so cool and it hurts…


#4 Tug-O-War!

How precious is this little boy? That puppy must love to be around him so much!

tug of war

#5 Road Trips

Who needs a dog when their little boy already brings enough companionship and fun to their lives?

funny child

#6 Monkeying Around

Oh my gosh! This monkey is adorable and so is this little girl! Why does she get to hang out with a monkey and we don’t?

animal with babies

#7 Napping Buddies

Something tells us these two will be even more inseparable as the years go by.

sleepy child

#8 Window Twins

Aw! The cutest thing about this is that the little girl is still shorter than this tiny dog!

child friends with animal

#9 Laying Out

Well, toddler and cats do tend to nap a whole lot. It’s no wonder these two are bros.

cat friends with boy

#10 Cat Child

Not sure our first reaction to this would be to pull out the camera, but hey, it’ll help the kid build up their immune system!Cute Kids Acting Like Animals


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