You Had One Job !!!

Some people had only one job and they ruined it and failed miserably. Do you have any one job in your life and failed miserable? We want to hear them now. We know that these are funny but sometimes they are extremely funny that how people failed in their job. I laughed when I saw them first.

#1 Dear Cat you Had one job only!!!
Dear Cat you Had one job only!!!

#2 Seriously bro?
You Had one Job meme

#3 ONE JOB !!!
Just on job!!!

#4 You had one one job
you had one one job

#5 Nailed it !!!
you had one job picture

#6 You failed miserably my friend !!!
You had one job only

#7 Seriously!!

#8 Wrong section bruh!!!
Wrong section bruh!!!

#9 Good work !!!
Good work !!!

#10 Hmmm. Mac is windows???
Hmmm. Mac is windows???

#11 FAILED !!!

Failed !!!

#12 Come on Zipper!!! You had one job !!!You had one job

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