What Having a Girlfriend is REALLY Like

#1 Device Addiction
You observe her on her device so much it’s become the third person in your relationship. . . or is it the fourth?

#2 She’s Two People In One

Life with her is never dull, like in a suspenseful movie she keeps you on your toes and the adrenaline pumping.

My girlfriend

#3 A Boyfriend’s Money

Oh geez, did he sell his girlfriend?

girlfriend vs no girlfriend

#4 Her Insecurities

It’s amazing how she devises clever ways of solving her fears. . . But then her fears become yours.

shooter girl wallpaper

#5 Sexting With Your Girl

Sometimes you wish there was a school where she could take Sexting 101.


#6 She’s Upset

Never mind, she doesn’t even know what she’s pissed about. Run fast to your man cave!

Girl trolling meme

#7 She’ll Keep ‘Count’

She’ll keep tally of your messages to her, including those on social media. It’s a game and you have to play, and NOT lose!

mad girlfriend

#8 Her Bobby Pins

She leaves her bobby pins everywhere at your place, it’s like she’s marking her territory. . . AND she is.

bobby pins

#9 Another Girl?

Don’t even think about mentioning another girl, in ANY situation. Her jealously antenna will prick-up, probe and POKE.

angry girlfriend

#10 Gamer Girlfriend Test

You’ve devised a way to determine which girl to commit too. It’s a hard test, will she pass? Be ready to put a ring on her finger if so. . . she’ll deserve it!

gamer girls

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