The Best Comebacks in the History of Burns

#1 Sassy teacher

Dang. Larry got owned by Mrs. Johanson!


#2 Labels

It’s kind of awesome that someone replied to her comment with an insult isn’t it? That’s the kind of stuff that keeps Facebook interesting.

burn meme

#3 It must be a micropenis

Take a second to look down at your keyboard. Makes you smile, doesn’t it?

burn meme

#4 Dump her.

Isn’t it an incredible invasion of privacy that this so-called “girlfriend” was messaging back and forth from her “boyfriend’s” phone? They ain’t even official! Nice reply, sis.

epic reply text

#5 She just got “schooled”

If you haven’t seen “The Mighty Boosh” British TV series, go ahead and check that out sometime. These guys bring the funny HARD. This witty reply is just the tip of the iceberg.


#6 Isn’t that special?

Poor fella, he set himself up with that one.

burn meme

#7 Owned by Stephen Hawking!

Perhaps in one of those “parallel universes” he alluded to, the outcome of his suggestion was a bit less insulting.

owned meme

#8 Read it and weep!

This man was born to be a taxi driver, he just needed someone to tell him that outright.

totally epic facebook reply

#9 Ask a stupid question…

She’s doing the duck face and additionally has that yucky orange skin. Barf. Thanks for dealing out the pain, Grinch.

twitter fail

#10 Gotcha!

That’s some brash kid to be criticizing his mom like that. Good for her.

owned by Mom

Written by afsar

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