Evil Geniuses Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

#1 This Kid

BUT imagine, BUT it would be worse if his shirt read, FRIDAY every Thursday, right?


#2 At The Airport

The person that put this sticker on an airport wall is more than EVIL. Grrr.

funny meme

#3 The Architect

The architect responsible for this apparently doesn’t want you to leave his building.

funny fail

#4 The Missing X-Acto

This X-Acto thief who is likely laughing AND rubbing it in.


#5 The Pie Monster

The person who feels guilty to have eaten half this pie, but has left some for you.

pie fun

#6 This Vending Machine

This vending machine re-filler may hate his job OR is he Satan?

epic funny fail

#7 This Pizza

The roommate who only left you this “slice” of pizza on a weekend night that you helped to pay for. Uurgh!

evil genius

#8 The Diabolical Cat

Thankfully cats have nine lives when you finish with THIS evil one!

cat fail

#9. Bazinga !!!


#10. Ewwwww !


Written by afsar

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