Struggling Students Read To Therapy Dogs, Find Confidence In Judgment-Free Zone


#1 A new reading program at the Fletcher Library

Children who are having a difficult time learning to read can now schedule time with a therapy dog at the Fletcher Library in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Therapy Dog
Girl with dog reading book.

#2 How it began

This special program started last October when an owner of a therapy dog (Rachelle Sher) stepped forward and offered her pup’s services to the Fletcher Library.

therapy dog 2

#3 So much potential

Sher’s offer was accepted by library assistant, Elizabeth Klontz. Klontz saw potential in Sher’s offer and created this wonderful program.

therapy dog 3

#4 Scheduling a visit is easy

Children who need help reading can easily schedule time with a cute and encouraging therapy dog at the Fletcher Library. It’s a fun and motivational experience for the children.

therapy dog

#5 Simply amazing

Michelle Sheppard, a mother of one of the program’s participants says of the program:
“They bring this calmness and this peace to the children… It’s just amazing. Just a short amount of time has such an impact in those moments that they share.”

therapy super dog

#6 Spending time with therapy dogs really helps

Michelle Sheppard’s daughter Adriana was not able to attend class very much in the previous year due to chronic migraines. The therapy dogs were an invaluable help to her.

cute therapy dog

#7 Want to learn more about thearpy dogs?

Check out the Therapy Dogs International website:

therapy dogs association

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