7 tips on What not to do after a hard break up

7 tips on What not to do after a hard break up
7 tips on What not to do after a hard break up

What not to do after a hard break up:

  1. Don’t call after the break up: Right after the break up don’t call your ex-partner for anything. If you want to patch up with her/him than they might hurt you again. Even if you are trying to make a point that will not work. It will just make you weak. Be strong with your life
  2.  Don’t hurt yourself:  People hurt themselves when they fail in relationships. Whatever you do don’t Hurt Yourself. Life is beautiful and someday you will understand it. So it is not right to do regret on future for your current stupid actions.
  3. Don’t remain friends: It is not a good decision to be a friend after breaking up. It will not only hurt you but it will hurt your previous partner also. You might remain as friend yet it will hurt you in your heart. If possible delete them from your social sites so that you can take a break from them.
  4. Don’t stop taking care of yourself: After breaking up people acts weirdly as they has nothing to win or nothing to lose. Well they are wrong. You need to take care of yourself for your brighter future. Time is the beast healer. Time will heal you but if you stop caring about yourself even time might fail.
  5. Don’t share everything on facebook, twitter or social sites: People usually ride an emotional roller costar on facebook after their breakup. Don’t do that. You are just making fun of yourself. People are laughing at you. It might hurt your future relationships. It makes you look like that you are not moved yet and probably won’t.
  6. Don’t look for another partner right after the breakup: People usually go for another partner right after the break up. Don’t do that. You don’t need a quick boyfriend or girlfriend rather you need someone who will understand you and loves you.
  7.  Don’t rethink your decision again: Last and finally most important thing is that do not rethink your decision to get back together. This might hurt you again. As the time passes by you may at list wave a Hi ,but don’t rethink your decision again to get together again.

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