How Dogs See the World

How Dogs See the World

Do you Know that how dogs see the world? Check this thread to see dogs logic and how they see the world. It’s hilarious, funny and very interesting.

#1 “Gotta have my Fix!”

That dog would steal that burger right off the table if given the chance – even if he knew for certain that he’d be punished!

funny dog meme

#2 The finer things

What we humans see is a gross turd, but what a dog sees is fine cuisine or perhaps even a decadent doggy cigar.

funny dog logic

#3 Same difference

Humans will ask where there’s a bathroom when they need to go, but dogs will go anywhere they please – even on your leg or the rug. Whatever’s clever.

Dog Logic meme


#4 Frightful!

The vacuum is a good addition since most pets can’t stand the sound of them. Fireworks on the fourth of July also may strike fear into a dog’s heart.

dog funny logic

#5 Dog: “This random torture has to stop!”

Any dog would love to roll on dead animals and even poop sometimes if given the chance. The bath is just the result of their previous misdeeds, but unfortunately they probably can’t see any connection between the two events!How Dogs See the World


#6 The triumphant return

When the master returns, the dog will jump for joy. That second drawing is so cute!

dog logic


#7 Dog’s walk

dog logic

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