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10 Dogs That Think They’re Cats

These dogs have no idea that they are dog, not cat. Meanwhile their cat friends are really annoyed with their activities. I guess we need to inform these dogs that they should act like dog. Sigh! My dog is going to miss being a cat. But what the hell! They are enjoying to act like a cat. See this “Dogs That Think They’re Cats” article.

#1 This dog has some logic

Dog meme

#2 This Siberian husky is raised by cats and thinks he is a cat

Dog meme

#3 Now the dogs need to be rescued by the firefighters!

Dog meme

#4 If it fits, I sits is applicable to dogs also !!!

Dog meme

#5 I can copy you !!!

Dog meme

#6 Look who’s here?

Dog meme

#7 Taking advises from other cats

Dog meme

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