This Biker Got A Ticket For Parking Illegally..But He’s Only 3 Years Old

This Biker Got A Ticket For Parking Illegally… But He’s Only 3 Years Old

The young kid that you are seeing in the video is named Declan. He is a young Canadian little rebel who loves to ride in his red plastic motorcycle in the town. He was just enjoying his summer day when he got stuck with a parking ticket. This kid put his hand to his forehead to express his feelings after being ticketed by Constable Shawn Currie for illegally parking in a ferry terminal’s no parking zone in Halifax, Canada. Though he didn’t have to pay the bill but that is a warning for the adult bikers to obey the rule.

This is one of the ruthless biker in the history of Halifax Regional Police , which went viral in Facebook. Halifax Regional Police shared this video in their Facebook page with the message “Remember, You cannot park motorcycle in the circle by the ferry terminal.

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