34 Powerful Ads That Made Me Really Stop And Think


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These powerful ads will make you think about our society , culture,practice, norms ,value and our world. We have to rethink our work and revise them to have a peaceful world.



1. “One Child Is Holding Something That’s Been Banned In America To Protect Them. Guess Which One.”
Powerful ad

2. WWF: “Save Paper – Save The Planet”

3. “Victims are people just like you and me.” 

4.  “Stop the Violence. Don’t Drink and Drive.” 

5. “Plastic Bags KILL. Keep Our Oceans Clean.” 

 6. “Liking isn’t help. As a volunteer. Change a life.”

7. “You are not a sketch. Say no to anorexia.” 


8. “They would if they could , Save the planet.” 


9. The child on the right is a victim of abuse. 


10. “The End. If you smoke, statistically your story will end 15% before it should.” 


 11. Grow awareness and save the nature

12. “If you don’t pick it up they will.” 


13. “Your skin color shouldn’t dictate your future.” 


14. Stop speeding 

15. Act Before it’s too late.” 


16. “See how easy feeding the hungry can be?” 


17. “Air pollution kills 60,000 people a year.” 


18. “Don’t talk while he drives.” 


“Don’t talk while she drives.”


19. “It’s not happening here. But it is happening now.” 


20. Drive safely & “Think of both sides.” 


21. “Every 60 seconds a species dies out.”  When will we start learning ?


22. “Stop handguns before they stop you.” 


22. “Stop handguns before they stop you.” 


24. “Censorship tells the wrong story.” 


 25. Save the trees

26. “Buckle up. Stay alive.” 


27. “Same cat, different owner.” 


 Same Dog , different owner

 28. Women need to be put in their place

 29. Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs


30. What does around ,comes around. 

31. “For the homeless. Every day is a struggle.” 

32. Neglected Children are made to feel invisible

33. Stop smoking , smoking causes premature aging. 

34. “Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.” 



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