There’s Someone For Everyone

#1 When In Love

A great example that “love can truly be blind”. . . literally.

Lucy Pinder

#2 Big Man. . . Big Party

Okay. . . we kinda know who’s throwing this party!

big party

#3 Realistic Love Matches

Look in the mirror, chances are you’ll end up with someone that matches your level of attractiveness. . . BUT there are exceptions to this rule AND being rich sure doesn’t hurt.

#4 Yu Zhenhuan & Ex Girlfriend

China’s hairiest man recently broke up with his gorgeous his girlfriend after two years. The news is the aspiring rock star personality is look for a wife!

#5 Mismatched Couple

Well, she’s showing us what she really thinks. Sorry, don’t think we can take this relationship seriously..

Mismatched Couple

#6 Be An Intellectual..

If you’re not rich, be a genius

If you're not rich, be a genius

#7 Shaq’s Love Match?

Omg. . . Okay, how do they. . ? Poor Nicole?

nichole sex life


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