Ghostface Trivia Questions and Answers

Q: What is the first movie in which Ghostface appears?
A: “Scream” (1996)

Q: Who is the original person behind the Ghostface mask in the first “Scream” movie?
A: Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.

Q: What is Ghostface’s primary weapon of choice?
A: A hunting knife.

Q: In which “Scream” movie does Ghostface not call his victims before attacking?
A: “Scream 4” – The first attack in this movie does not involve a phone call.

Q: Ghostface’s mask is inspired by a famous painting. Which painting is it?
A: The Scream by Edvard Munch.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Ghostface’s terrifying phone calls?
A: Roger L. Jackson.

Q: Which iconic horror movie director is responsible for the “Scream” series?
A: Wes Craven.

Q: In “Scream 2,” what role does the character Randy Meeks have in relation to Ghostface?
A: Randy Meeks is the character who explains the “rules” of horror movie sequels, before he becomes one of Ghostface’s victims.

Q: Which character survived all four original “Scream” movies and is often the main target of Ghostface?
A: Sidney Prescott.

Q: How many people don the Ghostface mask in “Scream 3”?
A: Just one, Roman Bridger.

Q: What other name is the Ghostface costume often referred to by?
A: Father Death.

Q: In “Scream 4,” who are the two characters behind the Ghostface mask?
A: Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker.

Q: What is the real name of the actress who plays Sidney Prescott, the protagonist of the “Scream” series and often the main target of Ghostface?
A: Neve Campbell.

Q: In “Scream 2,” whose copy of the book ‘Catch-22’ does Ghostface use to torment Cici?
A: Derek’s, Sidney’s boyfriend.

Q: What’s the name of the film within a film in “Scream 2” and “Scream 3” that is based on the Woodsboro murders?
A: “Stab.”

Q: What does Ghostface often ask his victims over the phone before attacking?
A: “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Q: Who is the first character to be killed by Ghostface in the original “Scream” movie?
A: Steven Orth, followed closely by Casey Becker.

Q: How does Ghostface usually make his presence known before attacking his victims?
A: By making a threatening phone call.

Q: Who is the sole survivor of Ghostface’s attack at the beginning of “Scream 2”?
A: Phil’s girlfriend, Maureen Evans, is killed, but Phil Stevens survives.

Q: In “Scream 3”, who is revealed to be the mastermind behind the original Ghostface killings?
A: Roman Bridger, Sidney Prescott’s half-brother.

Q: In “Scream”, what is the name of the high school attended by Sidney Prescott and her friends?
A: Woodsboro High School.

Q: Which “Friends” actress played Gale Weathers, a news reporter often on the tail of Ghostface?
A: Courteney Cox.

Q: What character did actor David Arquette play in the “Scream” series?
A: Dewey Riley.

Q: Which 1970s horror film inspired the iconic Ghostface’s phone call technique?
A: “Black Christmas” (1974).

Q: In “Scream 3”, what is the profession of Roman Bridger, the character who becomes Ghostface?
A: He is a Hollywood director.

Q: In the “Scream” series, what is the name of the store where the Ghostface costume is usually purchased?
A: The costume is usually bought from a store called ‘Woodsboro General Store.’

Q: What is unique about the identity of Ghostface in “Scream 3” compared to the other films?
A: In “Scream 3”, there is only one Ghostface, Roman Bridger, whereas in the other films, multiple characters take up the Ghostface mantle.

Q: In “Scream 4”, which character’s motive to become Ghostface is to recreate the original Woodsboro murders?
A: Jill Roberts, Sidney’s cousin.

Q: Who saves Sidney from Ghostface at the end of “Scream”?
A: Gale Weathers and Sidney herself.

Q: In “Scream 2”, what item does Ghostface use to kill Randy Meeks?
A: A hunting knife, which is Ghostface’s signature weapon.

Q: Who designed the Ghostface mask?
A: Fun World employee Brigitte Sleiertin.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Ghostface’s robe in the “Scream” series?
A: The inspiration came from the classic depiction of the Grim Reaper.

Q: In “Scream”, who was Gale Weathers’ cameraman who also falls victim to Ghostface?
A: Kenny Jones.

Q: What is the last line spoken by Ghostface in the original “Scream” movie?
A: “Say hello to your mother.”

Q: Who plays Randy Meeks, the character who explains the ‘rules’ of horror movies in the “Scream” series?
A: Jamie Kennedy.

Q: What does Ghostface use to disguise his voice when making phone calls?
A: A voice changer.

Q: In “Scream 2”, who is the only person Ghostface attacks but doesn’t kill?
A: Gale Weathers.

Q: Who takes up the Ghostface mantle in “Scream 3” in order to draw out Sidney Prescott?
A: Roman Bridger.

Q: Who played Sidney Prescott’s boyfriend, Billy Loomis, one of the original Ghostfaces in the first “Scream” movie?
A: Skeet Ulrich.

Q: What is Ghostface’s primary motive across the various “Scream” movies?
A: It varies with each film and the person behind the mask, but the motives often include revenge, fame, and the thrill of murder.

Q: Which of Sidney’s family members becomes Ghostface in “Scream 4”?
A: Her cousin, Jill Roberts.

Q: Who plays Ghostface’s voice in the “Scream” series?
A: Roger L. Jackson.

Q: In “Scream”, what is Ghostface’s first question to Casey Becker during their phone conversation?
A: “Do you like scary movies?”

Q: What is the real name of the actor who played Stu Macher, one of the killers in the first “Scream” film?
A: Matthew Lillard.

Q: How does Dewey Riley, a character who survives multiple encounters with Ghostface, get injured in most of the films?
A: He gets stabbed.

Q: In “Scream 2”, what is the name of the university attended by Sidney Prescott?
A: Windsor College.

Q: Which character who becomes Ghostface in “Scream 3” is also the director of the “Stab” movies?
A: Roman Bridger.

Q: In “Scream 4”, what reason does Jill Roberts give for becoming Ghostface?
A: She wants to frame her ex-boyfriend for the murders and make herself look like the “sole survivor”, hoping the fame will make her the new “Sidney Prescott”.

Q: What does Ghostface use in “Scream 2” to prevent victims from dialing 911?
A: A device that blocks outgoing calls.

Q: Who becomes a suspect of being Ghostface in “Scream 3” due to being Sidney Prescott’s half-brother?
A: Roman Bridger, who is actually the Ghostface killer in that film.

Q: Which character in “Scream 2” is killed while Ghostface taunts him about his love for movies?
A: Randy Meeks.

Q: Who kills Ghostface in “Scream 4”?
A: Sidney Prescott and Jill Roberts, though Jill had been posing as Ghostface.

Q: What famous horror film does the “Scream” series frequently reference?
A: “Halloween.”

Q: What is the name of the voice changer app used by Ghostface in “Scream 4”?
A: The app doesn’t have a specific name in the movie.

Q: In “Scream 3”, who is revealed to be the biological mother of both Sidney Prescott and Roman Bridger?
A: Maureen Prescott.

Q: How is Tatum Riley, Sidney’s best friend, killed by Ghostface in the first “Scream” movie?
A: She is crushed by a garage door.

Q: Who is the author of the “Stab” series, the movie-within-a-movie based on the Woodsboro murders?
A: Gale Weathers.

Q: What significant role does Cotton Weary play in the “Scream” series, especially in “Scream 2”?
A: Initially framed for Maureen Prescott’s murder, Cotton aids Sidney in “Scream 2” in defeating Ghostface.

Q: Which character serves as a connection between the Ghostface killers in the original “Scream” and “Scream 4”?
A: Jill Roberts, who is the cousin of Sidney Prescott and the ex-girlfriend of Billy Loomis’s son.

Q: What common phrase is uttered by the Ghostface killers just before they reveal themselves?
A: “It’s showtime.”

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